Figure Former

The original Slimtum™ Figure Former 

Refine your figure. Define your form.

The original Slimtum™ Figure Former is the evolution of wearable, permanent shape enhancers. Our modern approach to achieving tighter curves is comfortable, effective and durable. When worn for the recommended time each day, the Slimtum™ figure former should produce a visible difference to the shape of your waistline in as little as 2-4 weeks. Join thousands of satisfied customers worldwide on your personal reshaping journey.


Real improvement: Typical results are noticeable after 2 months of use.

Optimal results: Manufactured with cutting edge materials for tighter curves, including our super-flex shape enhancers.

Superior comfort: The Slimtum™ figure former can be worn for hours a day in comfort, even during activities.

Discrete appearance: Designed with a low profile in mind, the Slimtum figure former hides easily under clothing.


Shape • Redefined

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