Why it's OKAY to give in to your cravings!

Why it's OKAY to give in to your cravings!

You're all too familiar with fighting off your cravings each day. Someone nearby is eating a delicious doughnut, and you're dying inside. You catch the smell of freshly baked pizza, and you're repeating "No, I can't, I'm on a diet!" in your head over and over. Don't even get us started on gelato.

But, here's a crazy thought, why don't we give in to our cravings whenever they strike instead of swatting them away like an annoying fly? Are we worried we'll hurt our healthy eating habits or are we just afraid of what the carbs would do?

Well, let's change this, shall we? Let's discuss why it's okay to give into those cravings!

It's better for your mental health.

Let's think about this for a second. You're fighting off a craving and putting yourself through torture, making yourself miserable - over a doughnut. Doesn't that just sound so silly when you say it out loud? The longer you're fighting, the more time negative thoughts about food and diet fester in your mind. Unnecessarily.
Your diet will be perfectly intact if you have that one treat. You'll feel so much better once you've satisfied that craving! Save your mental anguish for more important things - like why he hasn't called yet.

It's better for your diet and fitness!

If you keep pushing your cravings away, they're likely to end up even stronger and may result in binge-eating. That one craving could turn into multiple. And that could do more damage to your fitness progress than if you just had that one ice cream that one time. If you give into that tiny craving when it calls, it'll go away and you can continue working on your health with a satisfied feeling. 

reasons to listen to your food cravings

Something could be missing. 

Your body talks to you all day. It tells you when you're hungry when you're sleepy when you're in pain etc. A craving is another way your body tells you that something is missing from your diet. If you're craving prawns, you probably need more protein. If your craving is Pizza, you may be needing more carbs. A craving for chocolate could mean you're feeling a little low. Did you know chocolate (sugar, even) releases those happy endorphins? So, a little sugar hit could be just what you need to feel a little happier! By giving in, you'll give your body exactly what it needs to get through the day. 

Keep Shiva with you at all times.

You shouldn't worry about giving in to cravings regardless, but for those with annoying, pesky voices that say, "that doughnut is fatty." You won't need to worry as long as you've got Shiva handy in your gym bag or on your vanity. Shiva is a transdermal body firming gel that gets under the skin and targets stubborn areas to help release fat. If you're worried about that ice cream because of your cellulite, Shiva's anti-cellulite properties can help you keep that at bay while you treat yourself! 

So, who's up for a doughnut?