What kind of fat burner is right for you?

What kind of fat burner is right for you?

In a world where there are fat burners a-plenty and brands galore, it can be hard to pinpoint what you should be going for and what the difference is with all these products. Pre-workouts, intra-workouts, fat burning gels, pills and powders - oh my. 

The good news is, most of them are the same - they burn fat. The only difference is how strong they are and if they include other benefits as well. The annoying part is trying to find out which one of these is right for your situation. 
Just like everything else, everyone's weight loss and fitness journeys are different. Different goals, different kinds of workouts, so, therefore, different needs for fat burners. 

So, which one is right for you? Let's find out.

You are someone who wants to burn fat quickly.

You're either serious about your body goals and want to develop serious muscle and lose serious fat to achieve the lean, firm and muscular build. Or you're working hard to lose excess fat during your weight loss journey to get slimmer quicker. You're a no-fuss kind of person and want something quick and easy that works. You like your fat burner supplement to be strong so you can maximise the results. You love feeling the strong effects of your fat burner. You believe that if you can't feel or see the effects, then it's a waste of time.

The right kind of fat burner for you is; Slimtum Prometheus.

Slimtum Prometheus is a high strength fat burner that works quicker for better results. In the form of pills, it's easy to take and as a pre-workout, it helps boost your metabolism and mood so you get better results with your workout. It works fast and contains thermogenic ingredients to burn fat through heat, making your workout extra sweaty (which we all know is a good thing.) It contains long-lasting energy boosters to provide you with a big rush that motivates you to push through your workout.

One other suggestion around prometheus is to get it from a multi brand retailer. The best service, quick delivery times and selection of matching proteins and fat burners can be found at muscle coach, our preferred retailer for prometheus. They have an excellent selection of other items that compliment our slimtum prometheus perfectly and their expert staff provide friendly, quality service.

You need something to help improve your workout.

You're already on track with your body goals and just need a strong pre-workout kick that will help push your results even further. You don't need something too strong and you'd prefer a tasty drink so it doesn't feel like you're taking a supplement. It just feels like you're drinking an energy drink that burns fat. Working out isn't a chore for you but you do need an extra energy boost to help you get through your entire routine without feeling tired. As a bonus, you love a supplement that gives you the perfect amount of tingles!

The right kind of fat burner for you is; Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is a strong fat burner, but not as strong as Prometheus so it's great for people who don't really want or need something that's too strong. Valkyrie is the perfect pre-workout energy drink that provides a long-lasting and crash-free energy boost to carry you through your entire workout. Because it's a drink, it feels like a natural addition to your pre-workout routine. It also kills two birds with one stone - fat burning and hydrating! Valkyrie is mixed with water, so you get the added benefit of hydrating before your workout.

You want to tone your body.

You don't want to lose weight, you want to tone up. You need to target stubborn fatty areas that just won't budge. Maybe your go-to is Pilates and cardio, or maybe you have days where you skip the supplement and just need something a little more gentle to target certain areas. Or maybe you just want to reduce cellulite or tummy fat that just won't tighten up. You need something you can use pre-workout, during the day or even at night for constant fat burning that isn't too strong.

The right kind of fat burner for you is; Shiva.

Shiva is a body firming gel and cellulite treatment that works to target stubborn fatty areas and modulates them so they don't store said fat. As a transdermal gel, it's really simple to use. Applied directly to the problem area it penetrates right into the skin to get the fat moving. To increase the effectiveness, it can also be applied to the inner forearms so that it absorbs into the bloodstream and starts discouraging the fat hormones from storing. It can be used any time before a workout, or after, or even if you don't work out at all (but some exercise helps.) Once the fat stops storing, you'll begin to tone up and tighten up. Easy, gentle and effective.

Do you know which fat burner is right for you?