vegan cinnamon doughnut popcorn recipe

Healthy, vegan cinnamon doughnut popcorn.

A delicious guilty pleasure? Cinnamon doughnuts! Something to not feel guilty about? Cinnamon doughnut popcorn! While doughnuts are great to have once in a while, the fat and sugar content makes it a little less than healthy. However, if we take that yummy cinnamon flavour and add it to some light popcorn, then you have a win-win situation on your hands!

Corn is a whole grain with great health benefits including, fibre, carbs and protein. And popcorn is just a popped version! It’s one of the healthier snack or “junk” food alternatives and is definitely, one to reach for during your next movie night. 

Make your popcorn better with a tasty little twist!

What you’ll need: 

Popcorn - already popped
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 
2 tbsp brown sugar 
1 tbsp coconut butter 

How to make it:

A few recipes we stalked instructed to bake the popcorn, create a syrup and more. But, we are very busy people. We don’t have all night to spend on popcorn for our next Netflix and Chill. So, we simplified this recipe to make it quicker and easier, while still being yummy!  

Step1: Pop your popcorn and place it in a bowl with just a pinch of salt.

Step 2: Melt a little bit of coconut butter, drizzle it over the popcorn and then mix it up. The popcorn shouldn’t be too buttery, but just enough for the rest of the ingredients to stick.

Step 3: Add the cinnamon and sugar to the popcorn and mix it through one last time. 

Serve your popcorn and enjoy a healthier, lighter snack that will also satisfy your sweet-tooth craving!