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Energy boost Strawberry Kiss smoothie recipe

We love finding recipes to use with Valkyrie. It's the drink with the most, and because it comes in powder form, it's easy to add to most recipe mixes. Plus, we think it kills two birds - you get your pre-workout supplement and snack in one hit! 

And why not another smoothie recipe? Smoothies are the perfect pre-workout drink and the easiest way to get a big dose of fruit and vitamins. Adding Valkyrie in your smoothie makes it even stronger and gives you a real energy boost as well as giving you your pre-workout fat burner, of course.

energy boosting smoothie recipe

What you'll need:

1 scoop of Strawberry Kiss Valkyrie
3/4 cup raspberries
1/2 cup blueberries
2 kiwifruit peeled and sliced
1 cup coconut water

How to make it:

Step 1:
Mix Valkyrie with the coconut water first, then throw it into a blender.

Step 2:
Add all the fruit and blend! 
*Chill this one overnight in the fridge during summer for a refreshing hit. 

It's a smoothie, so this one is pretty easy! But it's the perfect pre-workout energy drink with a bit of bang. The fruit gives you a little more sustenance to fuel your body, while Valkyrie is your powerful energy boost and fat burner. Ready to take on that workout!