top 5 spotify playlists for workout

The best Spotify playlists for your workout

We know you can’t get your workout started without the perfect playlist to help you get moving.  We also know this has already started sounding like a Spotify ad. At least you know we actually listen to these playlists, right?

Whether your workout is pilates at home or running through the streets in your suburb, a playlist is almost essential to get you motivated. 

So we’ve put together a few of our favourite Spotify playlists, to give you some inspiration to find the next soundtrack to your workout. We’ve even narrowed it down to match the perfect playlist with the type of workout you’re doing!

Our 5 favourite Spotify playlists:

The cardio playlist | Workout music TV

This playlist includes “workout” remixes of your favourite pop songs and older classics to give your intense cardio routine the soundtrack to keep up.

Why it’s great for cardio: the songs are fast and very upbeat to keep you motivated during your burpees, your run on the treadmill or while on that bike.

The Pilates playlist | 90’s Workout Beats

This is for the 90s kids! Full of the best upbeat 90s dance classics, this one is perfect for Pilates. You’ll be singing along to all your favourites, and you probably won’t want to stop.

Why it’s great for Pilates: the song selection is punchy and high paced. The strong beats of each song will give you the tempo you need to keep in time with your hip thrusts and scissor kicks.

The yoga playlist | Relax & unwind

Just like the name of this playlist, it’s full of songs that are a little more low-key yet still fun! These are the more chilled out songs from artists like Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5 and even the Goo Goo Dolls that you can listen to daily.

Why it’s great for yoga: these songs are more low-key so you can mellow out for yoga, but still stay awake with these fun classics!

The Zumba class playlist | Colombia top 50

If you’re an at-home Zumba kind of girl or your workout style is more aerobics, this playlist is full of tunes to get you moving. These are the fun, body-moving tunes that will get anyone dancing.

Why it’s great for Zumba: with a mixture of both low-key and upbeat dance songs, you’ll be motivated to keep going from warm-ups to the salsa.

The running playlist | Workout beats

The best kind of music to listen to when you’re running, jogging or power walking around your local park is EDM. This playlist has the best variation of current electronic hits to give you the proper motivation to love your run.

Why it’s great for running: if it's great for house parties, it's great for keeping you motivated during your run! You’ll probably recognise half of these songs so you’ll even be tempted to dance as well.

Make sure you're taking full advantage of these motivational playlists! Don’t forget to drink your favourite flavour of Valkyrie beforehand, so you'll have the energy you need to get through your entire workout!


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