recuse the appearance of cellulite

How to help reduce your cellulite

Don’t we all just love cellulite? That pesky little problem almost all women have, or will get, at some point. That wonderful little addition of "character" that starts and never stops. We just love it.

Taking solace in knowing it’s basically, part of being a woman and that everyone has it at some stage is the only thing that keeps us going. Some women may choose to embrace their cellulite. And why not? Stretch marks and cellulite basically, define what a woman is. You can find strength in your stripes and bumps. 

While some women, prefer to try and reduce the appearance of cellulite instead, if just for the confidence boost.

We aren’t going to pretend there’s a cure or one magical treatment that will banish it completely. Genetic makeup and hormones are just two causes of cellulite and nothing can truly change those.
However, you can do a few things in your day-to-day routine to help reduce the appearance.

Lifestyle changes & tips.

Drink more water.

At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised that “drink more water” is the advice you get. Hey, drinking water does amazing things for our health and skin! Hydrated skin is clear, soft and elastic. Dehydrated skin is sunken, dry and makes cellulite look much worse than it is. If you just can’t deal with the boring taste of water, infuse it with fruit and instantly give yourself a tastier way to stay hydrated! 


Yep, it always comes down to exercise, doesn’t it? Targeted body toning exercises that promote muscle strength and growth are your best bet for helping to smooth the appearance of cellulite. Lifting weights, squats, leg raises - pilates - is good to start with. 

A cellulite beauty routine. 

Use a coffee scrub.

Those wonderful, pretty, oh-so-millennial coffee scrubs that we adore so much. Coffee scrubs include, you guessed it, coffee which helps tighten the skin and stimulate blood flow while the exfoliating nature of a scrub helps promote lymphatic drainage. More blood flow to the area and lymphatic drainage helps mobilise the fat and can reduce the appearance of cellulite! 

Use a dry brush.

Dry brushing is an age-old cellulite treatment that has stood the test of time. Just like a scrub, the act of brushing with those rough, prickly bristles and those massaging nodes helps stimulate blood flow. Combine this with a scrub, and you’ve got a double-action weapon. 

Use a cellulite treatment.

After all that scrubbing and brushing is done, you're now ready to apply a cellulite treatment. You’ve basically, “primed” the area ready for a product to work even better for you, so now is the perfect time to apply a body firming gel.

Shiva is transdermal and will penetrate through the skin to the fat layers and helps to get those fat-storing hormones moving. Applied to the problem area, it can help smooth out and move the fat and tighten it up

Combine all of these tips for maximum effort to help reduce and minimise the appearance of cellulite.

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