Exercises to do while wearing your waist trainer

Exercises to do while wearing your waist trainer

So, you’ve decided to start waist training, congratulations! If you’re asking yourself “now what?” Don’t worry, we have a handy tip for how to get the most out of your new waist trainer. 

Whether you’re waist training to help out post-pregnancy, to boost the results of those tummy-slimming exercises or kick-start the curvy shape you’ve always wanted, there is one part of your training you shouldn’t overlook. 

The workout routine!

Yes, wearing a waist trainer by itself without exercise will give you a curvier figure. But if you also want to get a toned, strong and athletic tummy as well, exercising in your waist trainer is key. 

A waist training corset will support your posture and hold your core muscles tight. So it will assist any core strengthening exercises you do, and make them much more effective.

So, which exercises should you do? 

It’s important to do exercises that target your core but are also completely safe to do while wearing a waist trainer. This is what will build your muscles. Safety first! 

exercises to do while wearing your waist trainer

Pilates, mostly.

Make these your go-to exercises to build a waist training routine;


Hip thrusting bridges.

Leg lifts (as long as your back is straight, any form of these are okay!)


Scissor kicks.

Each of these are beneficial for core strengthening by targeting ab muscles, thighs, glutes and arms. They work your muscles hard and strengthen your core. Your back is also straight for these, so you won’t be constricting anything in your corset, especially if you’re new to waist training. 

Add weights to your squats.
Because your posture is supported, you’ll be able to get in a good lift, knowing your back is straight and everything is aligned so your squats will be even more effective. 
- But know your limits! If you’re having difficulty breathing deeply, don’t push it. 

No crunches in your corset. 

Crunches are sharp and require more flexibility. So, it won’t be a match made in heaven.
However, you can take your Figure Former off while you’re crunching and then put it back on afterward to help keep those newly worked muscles in shape. 

Use a comfortable waist trainer.

The Original Figure Former is comfortable, effective and durable, so it’s perfect to wear while you’re in bridge pose and will hold up. You’ll get stronger curves and a stronger core with better results. It won’t dig into your skin and has been stylishly designed as well, so you can show it off in the gym ;) 

You’re now on your way to the strongest version of yourself. Go get it!

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