Easy metabolism boosting Chia Pudding

Easy metabolism boosting Chia Pudding

What’s better than a delicious chia pudding? A delicious chia pudding that helps boost your metabolism, that’s what!

Boosting the metabolism is just one way to burn more calories throughout the day which can help keep you on track with your fitness goals.
And if we can influence this by eating a delicious and healthy snack, well, why are we still talking about it? Let’s do it already!

This is our favorite recipe that is rich in chia seeds, almonds, and blueberries which are all said to help boost metabolism. 
And we’ve made it an easy one for the gal on the go!  

Your ingredients:
4 tbsp of chia seeds.
1 cup vanilla almond milk.
1/2 cup - 1 cup blueberries & strawberries - or as desired!
Shaved coconut. 

easy chia pudding recipe

How to make it:

Step 1:
Slice the berries in half and mash them using either a fork or a hand-held mixer. This is your all-natural berry puree to colour and flavour your pudding. Don’t forget to leave some chunks though.

Step 2: 
Mix the chia seeds and milk then let this soak for a little bit - you probably know the drill. 

Step 3:
Combine the chia seeds with the puree and mix it all together so the flavours are distributed throughout the whole pudding.  

Step 4:
Garnish it with some whole blueberries, crushed almonds and sprinkle some shaved coconut on top. Voila! 

Pro tip:
Save this snack for dessert and pair it with your nightly dose of Yin to really boost this treat. Yin keeps a night light on your metabolism while promoting a restful sleep so you can maximize the benefits of these metabolism-boosting ingredients.


We were inspired by…
This recipe from: The Awesome Green


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