healthier, better alternatives to energy drinks

Beneficial (and better) alternatives to energy drinks.

We’ve all been guilty of chugging down a few energy drinks in our time. Well hey, they’re refreshing on a hot day and can be the quickest way to get an energy boost when we need it. 

However, they aren’t the most healthy things you could be drinking. With high doses of sugar, more caffeine than what’s considered healthy, and other additives, they can spike blood pressure and heart rates to levels that aren't so great over a long time.
Plus, they don’t have any health benefits. 
But we don’t need to tell you this, right? This is old news.

While it may not cause serious damage right away, it’s still not the greatest thing you could be putting in your body. 

Did you know there are alternatives that do the same thing and are much better for you? You can even get a few other benefits from them too. 

Healthier energy drink alternatives.

The quicker energy boost. 


If a quick energy boost is what you’re after, Valkyrie can do that in a way that's better for you. With a natural blend of stimulants, it provides enough quick and long lasting energy, as well as being a thermogenic fat burner and metabolism booster to provide additional benefits. With green tea extract, a little a caffeine and juniper berry, it can be a total energy source and coffee replacement as well as being a pre-workout to help with weight loss. It’s the better version of all the energy drinks

The slow energy boosts.


Did we just hear you laugh? Well, coffee is the easier energy boost. It contains a human-sized amount of caffeine and won’t set your nerves over the edge with just one cup. Energy drinks contain mass amounts of caffeine anyway, so why not go directly to the source? At least you know exactly what's inside your coffee cup. 

Green tea & Matcha

The healthier coffee. A natural energy drink that prolongs your energy boost and doesn’t come with any jitters. It has great calming effects due to the aromatic nature of it, which is great for lowering stress and can help balance the body.

Matcha green tea is an even better option due to its other benefits including antioxidants & fibre (just to name the best ones!) 

Coconut water. 

The best thing about coconut water is that you can drink it all day after you’ve had your morning dose of caffeine and it’ll boost your energy all day long while also providing electrolytes so you can rehydrate and improve your function during the day.

With all these better options available, commercial energy drinks become unnecessary, especially considering how unhealthy they can be.
Treat your body with kindness!

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